Fiesta Resort is The Best Florida Keys Destination Spot

With tropical islands, white sandy beaches, plenty of fish species, and the world’s third-largest coral reef, Islamorada is genuinely the best Florida Keys destination spot. A lovely day in Keys starts from getting on a charter and heading to the north for some good baits. What’s more? You can spend your day at Oceans305 savoring freshly-prepared seafood with hand-crafted signature shots and have lots of fun with live music. Fiesta RV Key Resort welcomes you for fun-filled night scenes in the Keys!

Oceanside Dining In Florida Keys

Live Music Scenes in the Heart of Florida Keys

With breathtaking ocean views over the gigantic Atlantic Ocean and its central location in the heart of Keys, Fiesta RV Keys Resort is the best Florida Keys Destination Spot to stay. Rooms are neat & clean, private balconies boasting mesmerizing sunset views over the water, and more. Oceans305, inside the Keys’ Heart, invites you to visit Fiesta Keys resort and witness the most fantastic trip to Islamorada.

Discover the most soothing experience with live music and freshly-prepared seafood in the Keys!

Excellent Drink, Dine, and Dance in Islamorada

Boasting an open-air bar, deck, and dance on the beach scenes, Oceans305 is a perfect destination to savor excellent drinks, mouth-watering food, and dance. Cocktail, signature shots, and lots of seafood. Additionally, we can cook your catch for a delicious Islamorada tour.

Pair your freshly-cooked catch with signature shots at Oceans305!

Best Bar in Islamorada

Fantastic Bar on the Beach

Located in the heart of the Keys, Oceans305 is a perfect bar with fine drinks and seafood. As the evening approaches, it offers a spectrum of stunning views. An open-air beachside restaurant is suitable for Florida Style live music and offbeat entertainment.

Head to Oceans305 to Enjoy an Old-school American Style Oceanside party!

Cook Your Catch in Islamorada

Scenic Sunset View in The Keys

It is no wonder that the Florida Keys are all about fantastic sunset views, but what makes it even more wonderful is freshly-cooked seafood with natural ingredients. Experience the most breathtaking sunset views with the American-styled turtle club bar!

Savor delicious catch at the backdrop of stunning and lovely sunset!

Best Florida Keys Destination Spot for Beach Dining

Just another excellent Florida Keys destination spot, Fiesta Keys RV resort gets a lot to make your Islamorada trip memorable. Sitting on its outdoor deck, you can watch sunsets over the Atlantic ocean and listen to live music from top musicians every evening.

You cannot miss the best dining and drinking experience at MM70!

Oceanside Dining In Florida Keys

Nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys, Oceans305 inside Fiesta Keys Resorts is the best Florida Keys Destination Spot. Sit along the open bar deck, enjoy live music, excellent drinks, and dining at the beach.

Dip into the most relaxing atmosphere at Oceans305 with live music and lovely evening scenes!