Plan Your Business Meet At A Stunning Oceanfront Venue

Are you looking for serene beachfront corporate event venues at the oceans of Florida Keys? Oceans305 is an exclusive oceanside restaurant and bar, perfect for all sorts of business meets. Our friendly staff is ready to serve you, whether you are meeting your clients for the first time or bringing the whole team for a lovely lunch as part of the team-building activity.

Our menu consists of various options ranging from seafood, cocktails, and signature drinks. Visit us today to personalize your event or connect with our experts for a detailed description of other perks at Oceans305.

Islamorada Oceanside Dining

Exclusive Beachside Corporate Events

Make the most out of your next corporate event by hosting it at one of the best corporate event venues at the oceans of Florida Keys. Here at Oceans305, we offer breathtaking sunset scenes to refresh your mind and think innovatively. The fresher you feel, the better decision you will make for your business. We make sure you get the right vibes to the table with a range of cocktails, soft drinks, and signature shots.

Oceans305 Brings the Best Vibes For all Sorts of Corporate Events and Reunions!

Sunshine Corporate Event Venue

Located in the middle of the keys, surrounded by tropical beaches and reefs, Oceans305 is undoubtedly an ideal place to host your corporate events. Whether you are planning month-end parties, celebrating success, or else, we have many options to make your celebration remarkable.

Count on our Experienced Staff and Central Location to Make Your Corporate Event Successful.

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Perfect Beachfront Site Location for Business Meet

You can choose a venue that will perfectly boost creativity in your next corporate event. At Oceans305, we provide impressive oceanfront views, with a grand dining room, ballroom, and other amenities to host your corporate functions. Whether you have a conference or just a dinner, we have the perfect settings to make your event successful.

Visit Oceans305 Today or Connect With Us To Know More!

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Let The Scene, Seal the Deal

Soft sand, pleasant and soothing ocean breezes clubbed with a glow of beach sunset- all these come together to make a perfect scenario for any corporate event. At Oceans305, we serve delicious food with exclusive Atlantic Oceans views. It drives happiness and positivity in the mood to trigger better decision-making.

Reach Out to Our Expert Event Plans to Ensure Successful Corporate Gatherings at the Oceans!

Host Lovely Corporate Events At Oceans

With a plethora of corporate event venues at the Oceans, it can be tough to finalize the best one. Whether coming with a small team or bringing your entire team on board, Oceans305 is the best place for your corporate event needs. Host large conferences, presentations, ceremonies, and much more!

Enjoy Corporate Events at Open-roof Bar at the Oceans on MM70!

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One of the best corporate event venues at the Oceans, Oceans305 offers amazing food, vibe, and scene to host an excellent corporate event. We have perfect settings for hosting any corporate gathering under the sky at the backdrop of the lovely ocean!

Arrange Corporate Events With Soothing Ocean Breeze Sound. Call Oceans305 How To Know More!